Welcome to the BLINDzeln-UK jobs list. Here we outline the current ways in which you can get involved and use your skills. However, this list is not exhaustive, so if you have any new ideas, contact us. You can of course have more than one role. Why not read through the list and see if there is anything which interests you.

If you want to get involved, or have any questions, contact:

Tel.: +44 (0) 7843 492 488


1. German to english translation

There is much useful information already available through the BLINDzeln project, and we need people to translate it in to English. We will give you material to suit you - we have texts of varying lengths, and on a variety of subjects, for you to then translate in to English. No technical knowledge is required, as others can put your texts on the website - our translators
just need to concentrate on the language.

1. a) Standard german pages

We need people to help to translate the standard german pages in to English. To see examples of these pages, visit:

and click on some of the subheadings.

1. b) Texts for mailing lists.

We have several standard texts which have already been put together by other members of the BLINDzeln team. They are used to give useful information to members of our mailing lists. We need people to translate them in to English.


2. English to German translation

Many of the BLINDzler (people involved in BLINDzeln), are based in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. However, they're still interested in what goes on in the UK. Our researchers can provide you with information, but we need people to either translate the texts, or to write short summaries of them in German

2. a) Articles and information about current news in the UK for the radio programme

BLINDzeln has a fortnightly radio programme, which covers a wide variety ofsubjects. Researchers can write or provide you with information, but it may be in English, so we need people to write articles, which can then be read and understood by the German listeners.

For more information, visit:

2. b) Articles and information for the planned English newsletter

If there's enough interest, we could start a newsletter for relevant information and current events in the UK. WE need people to join the list and translate the information, so that German members who don't speak English can also participate.


3. Researchers

We need people to find useful and interesting information - whether it's to add content to the UK pages, or to pass to the German translators for use in the wider BLINDzeln project.

3. a) Current affairs and events

What's going on in the UK at the moment? What may be of interest to the other BLINDzler? It may be information for the visually impaired community, such as new assistive technology or new information resources, or it may be more general information which effects people living in the UK. This can then be passed to other members of the team to add to the webpages, or to translate in to German.

3. b) Links

We have a section for useful links. We need people to find links which may be of use to others, and to write short descriptions to accompany them on the website. You can either type these in to the form on the links page, or pass them to the technical team, who will add the content for you.

3. c) Content for the Gabble home page

BLINDzeln has a discussion list in English, which is called Gabble. We are hoping to put together a home page for Gabble, where useful and interesting information can be viewed. We already have some ideas about what to put on the home page, but we need more ideas, and also people to collect information for the areas we've already identified. For this role, it would be good if you were a member of the Gabble mailing list.


4. Technical

We need people to work on the UK web pages. No previous web design knowledge is required, as you will be using Conny, the content management system used by BLINDzeln. Full instructions are given in terms of how to do this, and there is a support network. However, at the moment this information is only available in German.

4. a) Working on the UK pages

We need people to add and replace information on the UK web pages. Our translators and researchers will provide you with the information, so you won't need to write texts. You will be responsible for either replacing german texts with new english content, or adding new content to the site.

4. b) The Gabble home page

BLINDzeln has a discussion list in English, which is called Gabble. We are hoping to put together a home page for Gabble, where useful and interesting information can be viewed. We need people to help organise and publish this content.


5. Other jobs at BLINDzeln

If you would like to see which other jobs are available for German speakers, visit:


6. New ideas

If you have ideas which have not yet been covered, or if you would like to discuss any of these ideas, we are looking forward to hearing from you: