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Latest technology news for blind and visually impaired people

Since technological events are fast-moving and since one news source cannot capture all the interesting stories, this mailing list provides a forum for keeping track of developments in the arena of technologies from multiple sources. Further, this list discusses alternatives to commonly available but inaccessible technological solutions. Reviews of newly developed software for blind and visually impaired people are also welcome.

Moderation: Kiran Kaja and Vikas Kapoor

Entry number 2:


A list for blind parents or those with blind children

This forum has been designed to provide an opportunity for blind parents and sighted parents with blind children to exchange tips and views on bringing up children.

Did you recently encounter a useful Web site with information on improving your story-telling skills? Did you come across a news item on the availability of childrens' books with text in both print and braille specifically designed for blind parents? If yes, this is the forum to share all that information. This forum is intended to be a self-help group, and its success depends on your participation.

Moderation: Harish Kotian and Oksana Chuchunkova

Entry number 3:


Your list for questions about deutsch - Deine Liste für Fragen zu Deutsch

You want to start learning german or improve your knowledge in this language? Then DEUTSCHHELP may be just the right list for you. You may ask any questions concerning German, and our native speakers will use their knowledge to help you. We are no language teachers, so we think it a good idea that learners help each other as well. And although this is serious learning, we hope we can all have fun into the bargain.

Du willst anfangen, Deutsch zu lernen, oder deine Fähigkeiten in dieser Sprache erweitern? Dann könnte DEUTSCHHELP gerade die richtige Liste für dich sein. Du kannst alle Fragen stellen, die die deutsche Sprache betreffen, und unsere Muttersprachler werden ihr Wissen anwenden, um dir zu helfen. Wir sind keine Sprachlehrer, daher halten wir es für eine gute Idee, dass sich auch die Lernenden gegenseitig helfen. Und obwohl das ernsthaftes Lernen ist, hoffen wir, dass wir gleichzeitig auch noch Spaß haben werden.

Moderation: Eva Liebhart and Melanie Forster

Entry number 4:


Journeys through Europe and beyond

Are you interested in travelling, and do you want to know about different cultures? Then you are right in BONVOYAGE! Please join us to discuss all places around the world and to talk about different cultures too!

Moderation: Madleen Mann and Heidi Wenman

Entry number 5:


Our Informationlist for dog owners in UK

LAWPAWS is a moderated announcement list for information relevant to guide dog owners in the UK. It's not a discussiongroup, but will provide useful information from a legal perspective in terms of new regulations, or information on current cases where existing legislation is being used, to obtain the levels of access already granted to guide dogs. If you have information which may be of interest, please send it in. However, the moderators will make the final decision on whether it's circulated.

Moderation: Jane Vernon

Entry number 6:


BLINDzeln's first english mailing list

Welcome to GABBLE - BLINDzeln's English mailing list - whether English is your first language, or you want to improve your language skills. There are no set topics, so feel free to join in, ask a question, start a new discussion, or tell us about yourself and make new friends. Don't be shy - Writing in another language is often difficult, but this is a friendly list where we can hopefully relax and learn from one another. All conversations are in English - only use German if you can't translate a word or idea. German mails are off-topic.

Moderation: Andrea Hartenfeller


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